EXCELLENT!!! Almost Done!!!

You have registered.

You have posted your need.

You have not Activated the Angels.

This is an important step. Please complete it.
2Hands.org relies on those using the site to shout out about the people
in need on the site. As one combined voice, those in need on the site
can actually be heard when so often, people are not listening.

We just need your voice. We humbly ask for you to help spread the
word about the people in need on 2Hands.org and by doing so keeps
the shouts of those in need heard, and not muted like is so often the

The Angel Activation Process - Complete so we can
release your information should a helper ask for it.

You will be placing an informative ad on Craigslist in the General
Community Section letting people know about the 2Hands.org resource.

Please go to Craigslist.org and choose to place an ad in the For Sale >
Free Stuff section.

In the Posting Title, we ask that you please use your own wording, but
place something like:


In the Posting Body section, we ask that you please use your own
wording, but place something like:

Do you need help? Would you like to help others in need? Please visit
the 2 Hands Help Website

Use your own wording, just make sure the ad lets people know about
the 2Hands resource. Do not place 2Hands.org in the ad. But the
wording 2 Hands Help Website

Once you have placed the ad and you know it is live on Craigslist, you
need to let us know by
CLICKING HERE (will open in a new window so
you won't lose this page). We can then mark you as having completed
the process.

Thank you for your efforts in keeping the 2Hands.org resource alive.
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