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2Hands.org relies on those using the site to shout out about the people
in need on the site. As one combined voice, those in need on the site
can actually be heard when so often, people are not listening.

We just need your voice. We humbly ask for you to help spread the
word about the people in need on 2Hands.org and by doing so keeps
the shouts of those in need heard, and not muted like is so often the

We simply ask that you tell a friend. Maybe email your
contacts about us and ask them to do the same. Can
you give us a mention of Facebook?

Maybe place an ad about 2Hands.org on any free
classifieds site. However you can help is the engine
that keeps us running. Without you and a little but of
your time, there is no us.

We appreciate you spreading the word in any creative
way you can.

When you have helped spread the word about
2Hands.org, can you let us know how by completing
the simple form found here:

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