EXCELLENT!!! Almost Done!!!

You have registered.

You have posted your need.

Now, can we ask one more thing of you? 2Hands.org relies on those
who use the site to act as a voice for you and the others who are asking
for help on the site. Can you share 2Hands.org with others?

We have a few ways to do this which are free and easy.

>>Can you go to our Facebook page and give us a like or share or
maybe write a little something about us on your Facebook page? Doing
this in no way connects your need to Facebook, but shows you support
what we do.

>>If you have Twitter can you mention us @2Handswebsite and let
people know we connect people in need (Christmas or otherwise) with
people who can help?

>>Can you email the people on your email list telling them you found a
website that connects people in need with those who can help for
Christmas or otherwise and ask that they email their friends as well?
This is a powerful way to spread the word.

>>Can you simply pray that we can continue to be a successful online
assistance resource?

Any way you can help spread the word is hugely appreciated!! We love
creativity and often people think of ways that are AMAZING! Without
people doing this, our resource will slowly fade into the white noise that
is the Internet. People acting as a voice for us is the reason we have
been so successful for over 14 years. We need to act as a voice for one
another when people in need are often never heard.

Can you complete the form below either way please? Often Angels ask
if the people they are wanting to help have helped spread the word and
by letting us know you have, we can say yes. Not helping spread the
word is perfectly acceptable as well and in no way affects your posting
on 2Hands.org
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