Read This Entirely Please....
Please realize what 2Hands is BEFORE posting on
>We are not a guarantee of help. Please know that
2Hands is one resource of many available to you.
>We are a user promoted site - Those who post then help
spread the word.
>We have a dedicated group of people who use 2Hands to
help others.
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We are glad you are here and understand that if you have
reached this point of having to ask for help it can be a very
emotional time, even embarrassing, but you need to realize
that is OK to ask for help and that we have all been at that
point of needing a hand. People understand.

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We want you to be safe
online. NEVER reply to any
posting on 2Hands offering
loan or mortgage help.
NEVER download any link
from someone offering to
help you. If the help offered
seems to good to be true, it
more than likely is. If you
have any questions about
help being offered, or feel
you have been taken
advantage of, please
contact us.