Read This Entirely Please....
Please realize what 2Hands is BEFORE posting on 2Hands.
2Hands is a 'Bulleting Board' style website where people in need can post to be found by people
who may be able to help. 2Hands is also a community promoted website....Those who post for
help then spread the word about 2Hands in a simple process after a need is posted.
IS NOT A GUARANTEE OF HELP! Please do not post and then throw your hands up
thinking you will be receiving help for sure.  DO NOT call your electric company and tell them
payment is on the way or write us and say 'Way to get my hopes up for nothing!'
As long as you understand that 2Hands has been a wonderful solution for over 25,000 people
who have found an Angel, but there is NO GUARANTEE you will find help, then please continue
What makes us different is we have a dedicated 'Army' of Angels who visit the website each day
and have made change in thousands of lives. Maybe yours!
TIPS: When you post, be clear about what your need is. DO NOT be demanding. DO NOT place
any personal information in your posting. PLEASE spell the best you can. Many people first write
their post in a word processing document that will check for spelling errors and then copy and
paste into the posting field. Be heartfelt. People can feel emotion in words as long as you are
CLICK HERE to read a detailed page on Posting Tips. Will open in a new window.
We are glad you are here and understand that if you have reached this point of having to ask for
help it can be a very emotional time, even embarrassing, but you need to realize that is OK to
ask for help and that we have all been at that point of needing a hand. People understand.
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We have been notified of
an online scam from
someone saying they were
with 2Hands, or started
2Hands and are asking for
a money wire transfer in
exchange for a
percentage as well as
check cashing in
exchange for a
percentage of the check
amount to you.
ENGAGE in any of these
transactions as they are
If you receive ANY Emails
like this, please contact us
immediately and we will
answer your questions
from there. Thank you for
your help.