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020915 (Telephone) Want to help this posting? Write down the GREEN 6 digit number and CLICK HERE!
HI iam in need of toys and clothes for my 3 kids. Logan is 10 yrs old and Amy is 5 yrs old and Wyatt is 3 yrs old. Wyatt is a special needs child and was born 30 weeks we spend a lot of time at childrens in Dallas so we don't have a lot of money for Christmas and is seeking help this yr if u find it in your heart to help me and my children it wld be greatly appreciated.
Yesterday 3:28pm
163370 (Lewisville) Want to help this posting? Write down the GREEN 6 digit number and CLICK HERE!
Divorced mom of four, being the only parent to financially support my kids and living from paycheck to paycheck. It has become hard for me to have extra cash for anything that is not bills, food or gas. I know that this Christmas it will be a hard one because so far I haven't been able to save for at least one present for each child. I am not asking for much just something for my kids to have a good Christmas this year, anything would be much appreciated. Thank you and God bless.
31st August 2014 10:29pm
102950 (Vidor) Want to help this posting? Write down the GREEN 6 digit number and CLICK HERE!
Christmas assistance for 2 girls(age 5&7)2 boys(age 8&10) The girls love barbies & are asking Santa for the movie frozen they are in need of pj,s & shoes.The boys love remote control toys and are in need of pj's & socks.With only 1 income coming into the house Christmas this year will be hard.Thank you & May god bless you!
31st August 2014 9:21pm
085267 (San Marcos) Want to help this posting? Write down the GREEN 6 digit number and CLICK HERE!
Currently my family of four is living off of my husband's disability check. He is a double amputee of his legs and has spina bifida. I had to quit work to stay home and assist him and take care of my three yr old son. It is killing me to post on here and ask for help and quite frankly embarrassing. My three year old is typical into teenage mutant turtles and any animals or dinosaurs. My 15 year old daughter likes make up clothes size med in ladies. So that's it in a nutshell. If you have any Read More
29th August 2014 4:40pm
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