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275965 (Blue Earth) Want to help this posting? Write down the GREEN 6 digit number and CLICK HERE!
where do I start..well, first I hate asking for help frm anyone but the honest truth is I think this year has been ten times worse on me then last year and well I am in a constant struggle to keep a roof over the kids heads and food on the table much less even think about how incredibly fast christmas is coming and I have yet to buy even a single thing for either of my kids:( I dnt get no child support for them and it definetly makes life hard. if anyone would help out even jus to get them both Read More
Today 5:23am
062027 (Mangalore) Want to help this posting? Write down the GREEN 6 digit number and CLICK HERE!
SAVE MY HOUSE I am Mohan from India,Karnataka.I want to share my problems to u.I am silently suffering in my life. I am self employee running small furniture shop. I had serious health problem and gone through major operation .My earning savings and incomes my assets gone for my operation expenses.Now I have financial burden in my head of Rs 60 lakhs.I pledged my house in bank.I paid whatever money in my hand but they are not satisfied.Now they are mortigaging my house.Only asset is pending Read More
Yesterday 9:04am
199650 (Saint Paul) Want to help this posting? Write down the GREEN 6 digit number and CLICK HERE!
i know this is a long shot but me and my daughters really need food and a heated blanket would be nice. my girls love art supplies if anyone can help even a little thank u so much
27th September 2015 4:14pm
828199 (Saint Paul Minnesota) Want to help this posting? Write down the GREEN 6 digit number and CLICK HERE!
at this time of year its always plus i just moved in our new place starting over again due to the fact i lost everything we had i have a 4yr ild son who needs clothes for school pants an shirts 6-7 socks medium and underwear 6-7 shoes 12 and loves legos boats and paw patrol.
I am also ineed of pants 1x (Black) leggings and socks an also shoes for works size 9 womens . we are not picky people.. Thank you so much and god bless you all this holidays thank you
27th September 2015 1:12pm
545871 (Mankato) Want to help this posting? Write down the GREEN 6 digit number and CLICK HERE!
This time of year is tough for our family every year but due to a recent injury to my husband and him unable to work, the worry for Christmas and affording gifts for our 3 yr Old son is starting to sink in. We want Christmas to be that special time of year, his age and the whole Santa comes and gives gifts is precious. Thank you for time and consideration.
27th September 2015 1:15am
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