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172544 (Belleville) Want to help this posting? Write down the GREEN 6 digit number and CLICK HERE!
I am a married mom to four children ages 10, 12, 16, and kids are my world. They are everything to me and they deserve MUCH more than what I can give them. I am disabled (many health issues) and although my husband works full time, we are only able to afford the necessities in life. Extras are a blessing in every way. Therefore, I am asking for just a little assistance in getting some Christmas gifts for my wonderful children. I am trying to get a head start this year. Last year, I Read More
13th September 2014 7:35am
405670 (Frederick) Want to help this posting? Write down the GREEN 6 digit number and CLICK HERE!
My brother has just taken on the task of raising his 3 small kids alone. Their mother is now in a rehad for the next 6 months. They are now living with me due to losing there house. I am raising 3 of my own and can only help so much. He has a 5 year old.boy and 2 girls 2 and 3 years old. Any help that anyone could provide would be great. His son wears size 5 for all and the girls wear 3t and 4t for all. Thanks in advance for any help.
1st September 2014 6:31pm
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Matthew 6: 3-4
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