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354257 (Conway Arkansas) Want to help this posting? Write down the GREEN 6 digit number and CLICK HERE!
Hello and God bless everyone who reads this post!I have a 10 year old little girl who has a heart of gold and loves animals! She loves Barbie and the Minions.She is in the grade and is a A and B student very respectful to her peers and her teachers say she is the most nicest and respected student they ever had! She loves to read her Dork Diary books and loves crafting. She is my reason I ask for help I don't want her to suffer for my problems no child should. Thank you for ur time and any Read More
4th October 2015 8:19am
346474 (Bakersfield) Want to help this posting? Write down the GREEN 6 digit number and CLICK HERE!
in need of christmas help for my seven kids.Im a single mother and i know christmas will be hard this year for us.I am trying to prepare now cause i have ovaierean cancer and having surgury in november.Im hoping to find a loving angel.
1st October 2015 7:39pm
204460 (Cabot) Want to help this posting? Write down the GREEN 6 digit number and CLICK HERE!
I really need help getting christmas gifts for my children this year I have no income due to me being prgegnant and I'm high risk. I have a little girl that turned 4 in July and I was unable to buy birthday gifts for and I have two sons that have birthdays coming up in Oct. And Dec. And they will be 11 and 12, I really appreciate any and all help I can get, thank you so much for taking the time to read my post. God Bless You!
30th September 2015 2:20pm
062027 (Mangalore) Want to help this posting? Write down the GREEN 6 digit number and CLICK HERE!
I am Mohan from India,Karnataka.I want to share my problems to u.I am silently suffering in my life. I am self employee running small furniture shop. I had serious health problem and gone through major operation .My earning savings and incomes my assets gone for my operation expenses.Now I have financial burden in my head of Rs 60 lakhs.I pledged my house in bank.I paid whatever money in my hand but they are not satisfied.Now they are mortigaging my house.Only asset is pending mine.There is no Read More
28th September 2015 10:56am
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