Activate your Christmas
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Working as ONE LOUD VOICE, we can make change for so many
people in need. That is what this process is. It shows you are willing to
spread the word about and the people in need on

The process is simple.

First, write down this web address exactly:

Now, please go to
You will place an informative ad in the General Community section of
the largest city in your state.

Make a creative title and ad letting people know that if they need
Christmas help this year or would like to help someone in need to visit
the website we provided above. (This is the Christmas section of

Please DO NOT place anywhere in the ad.

Once you have placed the Angel Activation ad on Craigslist and know
that it is live, then come back to and choose the FAQ
button from the main page menu. Find the question related to notifying
us you have activated the angels. Once you have notified us, we will
mark you as being OK to have your information released should
someone ask to help you.

Working as a community by spreading the word is how so many people
find help through

CLICK HERE to go to Craigslist and complete the process. It
will open in a new tab so you can refer to these instructions should you
need to.