Seeing that your posting number has been requested can be an exciting
thing. But before you get too excited, we like to be a little on the cautious
side when this happens. When you see that your posting number has
been chosen, this means that someone has requested to receive your
information and we have or will be shortly sending them your Email
Address, City and the wording of the posting you placed.

So you can begin looking for an email from someone saying they found
you on

Please also keep an eye on your email providers bulk and spam folders in
case the email from them is sent there.

Now let's talk about a few things.

>>>When someone requests your information, we have no idea what kind
of assistance they may be wanting to provide. Some may be looking to
help 100%, others for only a portion of your request, some may just have
resources to offer that may have helped them at one point, and some may
simply want to offer encouragement.

>>>Please use common sense when accepting assistance. If the offer
sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. Feel free to ask the party
wanting to help questions. Avoid giving out any personal information like
credit card numbers, social security numbers etc. Please NEVER accept a
'cash a check in return for a percentage' offer. That is a scam! NEVER
give out bank account information or any passwords or anything you know
is something that should not be shared with anyone.
If you feel the party wanting to help may not have the best intentions in
mind, please cease communications with them and let us know. You can
simply contact us using the Contact 2Hands button from any page of
Alternatively, if the assistance works out we would also love to hear about
that! (Those are our favorite!!) Again, simply use the Contact Us button
from any page of

>>>If you see your number has been requested and it has been more
than 48 hours and you have heard nothing, even after checking all folders
of your email, then please contact us and let us know. Your posting
number may be, for example, 409872 - One thing to keep in mind is there
may be other 409872's in other areas of the country. So just because you
see a 409872 does not mean it is yours. Again, if you have heard nothing
after 48 hours then let us know and we will let you know if it is yours or not
and then work to contact the party who originally requested the
information and ask them for an update. People do have changes of heart
or circumstance that makes them no longer able to help. We will certainly
let you know if they tell us this.

busy during Oct, Nov and Dec and if you post you can rest assured that
your posting will have moved quite a ways down the list after 48 hours. So
post again. To post again, click the Ask For Help or Post A Need button
from any page of and acquire a new posting number, register
and post a newly worded need. And of course, please be sure to follow
the steps to Activate Your Angels each time as this is the heartbeat that
keeps 2Hands a successful resource for people in need.

We do hope your connection works out! Trust us, it is our favorite thing in
the whole world. Should you have any questions beyond what we have
written above, please Contact Us.

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