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153359 (High Wycombe) Want to help this posting? Write down the GREEN 6 digit number and CLICK HERE!
Hi, I need help with buying food. My mum had a road traffic accident 8 months ago and has been out of work since due to injury and complications.. i graduated university in september and have been the sole provider since then.. after paying all the bills and prescription costs we have little left for food so end up going hubgry a few days at a time. I\'d be so grateful for any help I could get.
24th May 2017 3:26am
246469 (Manchester) Want to help this posting? Write down the GREEN 6 digit number and CLICK HERE!
Good day, i am from Jamaica. I have Schizophernia, i hear and see thing that are not real. I am getting medication but it is not helping. So i am coming to the USA for treatment. People I need $5000 for Airfare, treatment and accomdation. I have not work for nine years and my only child who use to support me died in 2015. I have bills to pay.
15th April 2017 8:06am
142346 (Sofia) Want to help this posting? Write down the GREEN 6 digit number and CLICK HERE!
Hi, So I guess that\'s not a surprise but I don\'t feel great about asking for money. But I am in really big need. I just don\'t know what to do. I am just finishing my master degree in university and I work as well. Work has been very slow because of the very snowy winter here. I need to pay my rent in 2 weeks and I am already behind with 3-months- rent. I spent all of my savings last year because two of my family members needed surgeries. I really need help paying my rent or else I will have Read More
18th January 2017 3:53pm
225772 (Toronto) Want to help this posting? Write down the GREEN 6 digit number and CLICK HERE!
in desperate need to pay bills and to pay for ABA therapy for my 4 year old. Recently my common law hit me and is currently in jail. In my opinion he snapped from sleep depravation as he was primary care giver to our 4 year old who has his days and nights mixed up and has had this for 3 years now. I am now left not being able to work and caring for our 3 children. He needs this therapy he is not yet in school as he is nonverbal. Any help is greatly appreciated. Please and thank you.
22nd December 2016 11:56pm
112748 (Toronto) Want to help this posting? Write down the GREEN 6 digit number and CLICK HERE!
Hey everyone. I was kicked out of my parents place due to my sexuality. I have since found part time employment, an apartment with a roommate and am on my way to finishing my education.

However between all the bills, and cutbacks at work, I\\\'m unable to buy groceries as all of my money has gone towards bills.

Any help would be sincerely appreciated. Please and thank you.

29th October 2016 1:47am
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