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If you are new to and are thinking about helping someone, you
may have questions. We hope to answer them here.

Once I request to help someone, what happens next? When we receive your
request to help a posting, we search our database and find that posters contact
information. We then email you back at the email you provided with that posters
first name, email address and phone number if they authorized us to release their
phone number. We also send the poster an email letting them know that someone
has requested their information. We do not release any of your information to
them, just a note letting them know that someone may be contacting them. Once
you receive the email from us with the information on the posting, it is then up to
you to email them at the email address we provide (which is the email they
provided during their registration), and begin a dialogue with them. We ask that
you let them know you found them on 2Hands. You may have questions about
their need so this is the time to ask questions, get more details about their need.
Make sure you feel comfortable with the posting and the person. It is also up to
you and the poster to arrange how assistance is given. Will you meet them
somewhere? Will you maybe send a gift card? Pay a utility
bill directly? Make sure the assistance you are willing to provide is a match for
both of you and that the way the assistance is given is comfortable for you both
as well. We also ask that if for some reason you cannot provide assistance, and
what we love most, if assistance is given, please let us know by using the contact
form found from the menu bar on any page of

How do I know if someone has already helped the posting I am asking to
If someone has requested information on the posting you want to assist, or
we know for sure they have been helped, we will email you and let you know so
we can begin a dialogue with you and hopefully work to find a similar posting in
which you can provide your kindness to.

How do I know that the posting I want to help is valid and the need is real?
We do not have the ability or resources to validate postings. This is where you
come in. If you see a posting that you feel a connection with and have the
resources to help, request their information and once you receive it, feel free to
ask that poster any questions you want. Make sure you feel comfortable with the
answers and that your gut is telling you the need is real. If you come across a
posting that after speaking with them you feel is invalid or not being true,
please let us know so we can investigate further.

If a posting is asking for many things and I have the ability to help with only
one or two of them, can I still do that?
Absolutely!!! Just follow the steps given
above in the first question and provide what you can. The poster can then repost
a newly worded need with their remaining needs.

While I do not have the actual item they need, I do have a great resource.
Can I help them with just a resource that may have helped me or that I
know about?
You 100% can! Often resources are exactly the thing someone
may need. Simply follow the steps given in the first question above.

If you still have questions,
Contact Us.


I WANT TO HELP A NON-CHRISTMAS NEED (All other needs not related to
Christmas. This includes food, finances, clothing, birthdays and everything
in between)