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8-4-2012 - "An amazing woman named Shelly came
yesterday and picked up myself and my 12 year old
daughter. I had posted for help with school clothing and
supplies as my husband recently left and we had no
where to turn. This woman took us shopping, bought my
daughter clothes for school, supplies and I am still in
shock at her kindness. So amazing."
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Form from Heather in Arizona
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2Hands started with simple questions from children;
Where do people who need help go?
When life has placed you in a situation where
surviving seems impossible...
Turn to other giving souls who understand your plight.
2Hands Helpers.
There have been over 12,000 people who have
found amazing helpers who changed their lives.
No need is more important than another.
Whatever the need. Whatever the reason.
Let the Helpers know.
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One Hand Helping Another Up From Struggle. Simply A Beautiful Thing.
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