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>> I am not getting anyone to help me. What is the problem? First,
please realize that it is not possible for every posting to receive help. We
wish it were. No possible way to change that. We have a large group of
people who help others every single day, but there are going to be those
postings that do not receive help. There are a couple things you can do to
help your posting however. Please look over your current posting. You need
to realize that you are trying to get someone to help you with words.
Someone that you do not know and who does not know you. Based on this
fact, it should go without saying that a posting which is short, demanding,
grammatically hard to read, rude or is strictly asking for cash without giving
a good reason for it has basically a zero chance of receiving help. You need
to spend some time writing your posting. You don’t have to be
Shakespeare, but you do need to basically ‘Sell’ your problem. Be honest
and tell the reader what it is exactly you are needing and why. If you are not
happy with your current posting, click the Post a Need button and post a
newly worded need (Be sure to acquire a new posting number and also be
sure to Activate Your Angels for the new posting.)  Our goal is to get you
help and having a well worded posting is key. Finally, if your posting is a
masterpiece, you are not strictly asking for cash and your need is perfectly
viable and you are still not receiving help, we have to resign ourselves to the
fact  that not all receive help. Please note this: Chances are greater that
you will not receive help than that you will receive help. Please keep your
expectations reasonable and, after posting, please continue to look for other
assistance resource as 2Hands.org is one of many available to you. While
we do hear from people who are frustrated, angry and occasionally say
harsh things about us….Please know that we are not going anywhere
because the thousands upon thousands of people that do find help on
2Hands may not have if we were not here.

>> I want to help one of the postings, but how do I know that the
postings are valid and the needs are real?
2Hands does not have the
resources to verify postings. When you have found a posting you feel you
may be able to assist, we will release that postings contact information so
you can begin a safe dialogue prior to making the decision to provide
assistance. Ask questions, feel the posting out……Common sense plays a
major role in making a decision to help another in need. We have a page
dedicated to What to Expect When Helping a Posting on 2Hands.org

>>How do I find my posting on 2Hands.org? To find your posting on
2Hands.org, please click the Help Another button from any page and
navigate to your section (Everyday Help, Christmas help etc.), and then to
the location you posted your need. Simply scroll down and look for your
posting number and posting. If it has been a few days, your posting may
have moved down the list quite a ways. You are encouraged to post a new
need every 48 hours; Especially if your posting is many pages back. To
post a new need, you must click the Post a Need button, acquire a new
posting number, register again and once your need is posted on 2Hands.org
- Be sure to Activate your Angels for the new posted need as well.

>>Once we inform you of assisting a posting, does their posting come
off of the “Needs” request lists?  Also, once we make contact with the
family, do we go directly to their home with gifts, food, etc.,  or how
does that work?
The postings are not removed, but if someone requests to assist a posting
which has already been requested, we let them know and begin a dialogue
to find another posting which may equate. Once we send you the poster's
information, arranging the method of assistance is completely between you
and the posting. Ask questions, do what feels most comfortable for you
both. Many people meet, some ship assistance in the mail, others take
postings shopping..... the options are wide open with the main factor being
what feels most appropriate.

>> How many people have been helped through 2Hands? 2Hands has
been online for almost 11 years. Starting as a local resource in
Washington State. We are now nationwide and can say that over 40,000
people have been matched with those who have a hand to give through

>>I live outside of the US, can I still post? Of course you can. The
process is this: Please register to post a need by clicking the Post a Need
button. Then choose any large city in the US to place your need. All we ask
is that you make it very clear you are outside of the US and make your
geographical location known in the posting.

>>Does 2Hands accept cash donations? We do not accept donations of
any kind. To help us, please look over the postings of people in need and
see if you can help one of them.

>>Can I edit my posting? There is a chance that you may be able to.
First, go to your posting by choosing the Help a Posting button and
navigating to the location you placed your need. Once you have found your
posting, if you see the 'Edit' wording, you can still edit your posting.
However, if you do not see the 'Edit' wording, then your browser has
cleared the cache. We recommend placing a new posting with new wording
then. But you must register again first so your new need is connected to
your new registration.

>>How do I delete my posting? We do not normally offer a posting
removal option. We can, however, remove a posting for you if you
accidentally placed personal information in it.
Contact us and place a

>> How do I Activate My Angels? The process is quick
and easy. Please
CLICK HERE for the simple instructions.

>>I have Activated the Angels, how do I notify you? First, thank you and
good job!! Now, to notify us you have completed this step fill out the quick
form found

Still not seeing your question answered? CONTACT US.