Before contacting us, your question just may be answered below:
#1 - I cannot find my posting? Please act as if you are wanting to view postings of people in need.
Click the Help Another button above and navigate to the city and state you posted your need in. If you cannot
find it still, it may have moved down the listings a ways, depending on how busy that section is. You can
repost every 48 hours and are encouraged to do so enabling your posting to be near the top.

#2 - I need to Activate My Angels!! OK, Click Here to do that.

#3 - I have Activated My Angels, how do I tell you? OK, Click Here to do that.

#4 - I want to edit my posting: It is not possible to edit a current posting you have on 2Hands.
You should simply register again, and place a newly worded need.

#5 - I am having trouble posting - There is no Submit button! Chances are you are
attempting to post from a smart-phone. You will have issues trying to use 2Hands from a phone. Please post
your need from a regular laptop, desktop or tablet device.

#6 - I want my posting removed: We do not normally offer a posting removal option. We
can, however, remove a posting for you if you accidentally placed personal information in it. Contact us and
let us know using the form below.

#7 - I want to ask 2Hands directly for help: Please know that 2Hands does not offer
assistance, but is the platform for your need to be found by others who may be able to help. Please do not
contact us asking for help directly as we will not be able to reply. Step one in making 2Hands work for you is to
get your need posted on the website for others to see.

#8 - My Helper Activation ad was flagged and removed: Please know that
this is something that happens. As long as you emailed the ad as shown in the instructions, your Helpers have
been notified and there is no need to re-post your Helper Activation ad.

#9 - I have not heard from anyone regarding my posting or my need!
What gives? Am I going to get help?
You have no idea how much we wish we could say
that every posting receives help. But that is not feasible or possible. As stated when you posted, there is NO
guarantee of help. If your posting has been up for a while, it has probably moved down in the postings a ways
and may be hard to see. Please feel free to
register again to acquire a new posting number and then post a
newly worded need which will get your posting back at the top again. Do not forget to Activate the Angels
again also.

#10 - Can I post on the behalf of another? Of course you can. You may want to place
your information in the registration process so you can act as the point of contact however. Again, please
never place any personally identifiable information in the posting. It may also be advisable to ask permission
from them as well.

#11 - How often can I post my need?
You may post every 48 hours.

If your question, concern or comment was not answered above, then please complete
the form below and let us know. We will work to reply just as quickly as possible, but
realize that during peak months, November and December, it may be more than 72
hours before we can reply as those requesting to help others get top priority.
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