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By using the 2Hands Chat room, you completely release 2Hands from any outcomes which may stem from its use.
REMEMBER: Chat is not the place
to directly ask for help although
resources and suggestions may be
found here. To correctly ask for
help on 2Hands, please
Click the
Post a Need button from the menu
bar. Please read below:

>>> This Chat Room is open to
everyone that is willing to have a
great time and a display respectful  
based attitude towards all fellow
chat members!  This Chat Room is
open to most topics but is based
more towards helping one another
with Resources and
Suggestions to find the help you
and your family may be in need of.
We all go the extra mile to help
one another and do so with
respect.  There is NO SWEARING
DIS-RESPECTING!  Moderators of
the chat do not work for 2Hands,
but are regular users who love and
appreciate the chat area and want
to keep it a place to find friendship.

Thank you for your participation and
cooperation and
have a Great Time!
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